Canada’s Real-life Con Air

The Ukrainian government says they are surprised by the Canadian about face. In 2010, Harper traveled to Kyiv, met with President Viktor Yanukovych and said he wanted to see closer ties with Ukraine as long as human rights were respected. Ukraine became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991 and like most former Eastern bloc countries, it began to democratize and pivot towards Europe. However, political scandals have plagued the nation of 46 million. Yanukovych was elected Ukrainian president in 2004 but the court ruled his election as fraudulent. He was forced to give up power. Meanwhile the Orange freedom movement, led in part by Yulia Tymoshenko , was gaining ground. Tymoshenko became the first female prime minister of Ukraine in 2005. Then in 2010, she ran for president but lost to Yanukovych. In 2011, Tymoshenko was jailed for abuse of office charges, which she has called absurd and politically motivated. This November, the European Union is poised to sign a number of agreements with Ukraine, including a trade agreement, but the EU wants Tymoshenko freed so she can seek medical treatment in Germany.

Mostly the problems come when, for example, a guy is from Ontario and is told he is going to have to be moved to B.C., said an officer. Some of them have families, wives and children who live in Kingston who dont want to be thousands of miles away. So what is this costing the taxpayer? It must be a lot, said a guard. I wonder if they should have kept Kingston Pen open for another year instead so they wouldnt have to do this. Things right now are all messed up. They put the cart before the horse and the cart is on the moon. Spokesman Sara Parkes said CSC abides by the rules put in place by Public Works and Government Services Canada and referred further questions to them. But several public documents show the government has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Montreal-based Air Inuit, which prior to this project had transported offenders to Quebec from northern and Arctic locales. Air Inuit Ltd., owned by the Makivik Corporation, a Crown-like company owned by Quebecs Inuit population, is shown in documents to have billed the Government of Canada for non-public servant charter fees” of $45,000, $90,204.61 and $116,982.89 the same period the convict flights are taking place, although a direct link to the dozen or more flights in question was not confirmed. Air Inuit did not provide a comment. Meanwhile, for security reasons the inmates are not always privy to the flights. I have seen some guys actually get on kicking and screaming, a guard said. Sometimes guys will spit on or at the officers so we have to put a spit shield on them. Other inmates are co-operative and enjoy the ride. Its something different than the normal, stark, daily routine. A cold meal is offered on the flight.