Celebrity Guilty Pleasures That Prove Stars Are Just Like Us

Celebrity real estate: A-Rod buys new condo, Eminem’s childhood home up for auction

McDonalds is the last place most people would look for celebrity chefs whipping up French demi-glace sauce served with gourmet gnocchi and slow-cooked beef. But in an attempt to change negative public perception of its ingredients, the fast-food giant is hosting a New York City dinner Thursday night featuring dishes decidedly more upscale than its assembly-line burgers and Dollar Menu deals. The company invited a phalanx of media and other opinion-makers to try out a multi-course meal prepared by professional chefs using standard McDonalds food. None of the dishes will reach McDonalds drive-thrus, at least not in the near future. But company spokespeople said the exercise will help engender new ways to think about the existing menu and highlight the chain’s ingredients. At the event, dietitian Jessica Foust, who manages McDonalds nutrition and culinary division, will craft mojitos made with the chains Mango Pineapple Smoothie base. Her beef and gnocchi dish will be made with McDonalds French fries, another smoothie base, carrots and meat normally used for burger patties. As McDonalds struggles to keep sales growing at the fast clip maintained during the recession, the chain is spicing up its menu with Habanero Ranch sauce and rice wine vinegar in its McWraps bolder flavors that werent as acceptable five to seven years ago, Foust said. You can find these ingredients in grocery stores and some of the most fine dining in the country, she said in a recent interview. Were helping people understand that its food thats all it is. James Tahhan, star of cooking shows on Telemundo and Utilisima, will create tortilla espanola with garlic and saffron aioli using the fast-food companys hash browns, eggs and onions. There will also be Kung Pao chicken made using Chicken McNuggets by Dale Talde, a contestant on Bravos Top Chef show. Aaron McCargo Jr., winner of the Next Food Network Star competition and host of the Big Daddys House show on the television network, will present barbecue chicken.

McDonald’s tries fancy food with celebrity chefs in NYC

Every Friday night, without fail, since I was 8 years old, [I eat] pizza and wings.” Joel McHale “Umm, ritual murder.” Joe Manganiello “Im a big ice cream fan. I do [eat ice cream a lot] when Im not training for various figurines of nudity.” Tiffani Thiessen “Red wine and chocolate.” Octavia Spencer “Im a big salty person, I like salty snacks, so I love going to the movies because I get to have popcorn. But my favorite food is meatloaf and the other one is popcorn.” Padma Lakshmi “I never feel guilty about taking pleasure. In anything.” Debra Messing “Reeses peanut butter cups.” Ian Somerhalder “I find myself sort of sitting in the corner by myself just consuming it Chocolate. It makes you feel good all over. But dark, organic, the real deal that makes you high as a kite, you know?” Laurie Holden “Pizza, pasta, burgers and chocolate.” Brooklyn Decker “Can it be like a food indulgence? Because I would say candy.” Brittany Snow “Frozen yogurt. It’s like an addiction, I don’t know what’s happening. ‘Top Chef,’ I have watched every single episode, and sleeping. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure. I will sleep all day, I love staying in bed with my dog and reading and not getting up and checking my phone. And that gets me into trouble because I have things to do and that’s not very productive.” Victoria Justice “I love mint Milanos!

He purchased the home in late June under a vaguely named trust held by his real estate company, Newport Property Ventures, which owns about 15 apartment complexes . Just because Rodriguezs new condo is nowhere near the price of his former beachfront home doesnt mean it isnt luxe. The condominium complex sits on Millionaires Row in Miami Beach and comes with a host of high-end amenities such as an enormous fitness center, spa, infinity pool, 24-hour concierge and valet parking. The units themselves have modern kitchens with high-end appliances, and the bathrooms feature limestone, marble and river rock. Rodriguezs new home came fully furnished. Kid Rock lists Malibu home for $13.45 million Kid Rock is known for shock lyrics and hillbilly-rock style. Its expected his home would reflect that perhaps be decked out in hard-core rocker aesthetic. However, Rocks home is done up in a modern Balinese style, complete with white walls and exotic woodsgiving off a soothing vibe. I wanted a place that was comfortable and fun, where I could kick back, write music and hang out with friends. But it also had to be a house that was well-built something with quality, Kid Rock born Robert Ritchie told the LA Times Magazine in 2008 . He hired designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to outfit the home. Bullard reiterated to the magazine that despite the entertainers rocker image, he has good taste. Yes, hes a crazy, mad rock star, but hes also very mellow, and he loves to entertain in style, Bullard said.