Concert At Jewish Community Center To Raise Funds For Syrian Refugees

Guinness concert needs a new home

Where are your priorities? How are you going to bring them up in a religion, and put them in a religious based school, and teach them certain rules and morals, but as soon as One Direction comes into the picture, all those morals and ethics mean nothing. It was your choice to spend $200 on tickets, and if you end up missing the beginning of the concert, then oh well. You need to teach your kids what is right morally, especially if you are referring to a religion. If you bring up your kids in a house of God, where the life of God is taught to them everyday, he comes first. I myself was brought up into a strict house of Orthodoxy, and there are days where I did miss church for work or for school or something else. But this is their first communion; that’s something you should be pushing your child to do, if that’s what you raised them to be. Not pulling them out of it to go see One Direction. says reply to this 2 I wish one direction would disappear, their hot guys that have crappy music that psychotic 12 year olds listen too, ok don’t get me wrong, some of the fans are ok but when they attack people for not liking them, it causes problems, and on the top of that non of them guys can have proper relationships without the fans ruining now. This whole article is just ridiculous if you ask me. says reply to this 3 There isn’t just one day on the calendar that people can get their first Communion. There is absolutely NO reason why the date couldn’t be changed. This really isn’t that big of a deal says reply to this 4 ID will interrupt a first communion? HAHAHAHA!!

Some are refusing to take part because its being held at a Jewish center, organizers said. Others oppose it because the musician and some of the organizers oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad. Jandali and others helping to organize the concert said its unfortunate there is division over an event intended to help children. Jandali said the Jewish center was selected for the concert on purpose because he wants people to cross through social and political barriers so we can be human. Stop dividing our noble cause with silly things, he said. Dr. Yahya Basha of West Bloomfield , who is of Syrian descent and a longtime leader in the Arab-American and Muslim-American communities, supports the concert. He said it will highlight the magnitude of the tragedy of Syria. More than 6 million Syrians have been displaced because of the war, including about 2 million refugees who fled the country. There are about 10,000 Syrian Americans in Michigan. John Akouri, a Lebanese-American leader from Farmington Hills who will emcee the event, said: Shame on anyone who brings politics or religion into this concert. Everyone is welcome.

The concert which marks the founding of the world-famous beer more than 250 years ago, has been held at the National Indoor Sports Centre (NISC) two years running, but with the thousands who crammed into the venue to see the stellar performances of Tarrus Riley, Bunji Garlin, Busy Signal, Aidonia and I-Octane, the Arthur Guinness Concert might just have outgrown the venue. “Already people are saying to me, ‘you have to change the venue because it’s not holding the people’. And when the artistes come like this and come this hard, imagine next year how many people are going to want to come. It’s getting huge, and I am just happy the people enjoyed it,” said Raquel Nevins, Guinness brand manager, at the conclusion of the event two weeks ago. Looking resplendent in a white flared dress, accessorised by a Guinness button over her left breast, Nevins was seen enjoying the concert as much as any of the thousands who packed inside the NISC last month. performances And like the crowd, she had high praise for the performers. “What stood out for me was that all of the artistes came out, and they came with something different. It wasn’t just a stageshow, it was a concert, musical arrangement; everybody had something different, something that you have never seen them do before,” she said. “You could see that the crowd was just loving it, and I am amazed and I am thankful and I am grateful that everything came off and that people had fun.” Outside the VIP area, hundreds of patrons were still savouring the experience, consuming the remainder of the Guinness in their buckets and enjoying the music that continued to blare from the massive speakers. Without even knowing it, they were confirming everything Nevins had just said.