Europe August Car Sales Drop As Demand Lowest On Record

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The economy of the 17 countries using the euro emerged from a record six-quarter recession in the three months through June. Aftereffects such as a jobless rate in the area that held at 12.1 percent in July led industry leaders at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt a week ago, including Peugeot Chief Executive Officer Philippe Varin, to stick to predictions of a sixth consecutive annual car-market contraction in 2013. Were still in red territory, Florent Couvreur, a Paris-based analyst at CM-CIC Securities, said by phone. When people say weve reached the bottom, I say, watch out, because the market is still decreasing. The drop is a little less steep, but were still falling because of the bad macroeconomic environment. Volkswagen fell as much as 1.3 percent to 180.70 euros and was trading down 1.2 percent at 9:14 a.m. in Frankfurt. Peugeot dropped 2.9 percent to 12.28 euros in Paris, while Fiat declined 1.1 percent to 6.07 euros in Milan. Earlier Gains The European car market rose 4.9 percent in July to 1.02 million vehicles. The gain was the second this year, following a 1.7 percent increase in April that marked the first growth in European car sales in 19 months. The trade group releases July and August sales figures simultaneously each September. Registrations in the past two months were affected by differences in the number of business days versus 2012, with one more in July and one less in August, the ACEA said today. Figures for both August and the year to date were the lowest since the trade group started compiling numbers 23 years ago, Economics and Statistics Director Quynh-Nhu Huynh said in an e-mail.