Football Thursday: Can ‘madden’ Video Game Do More To Help Nfl In London Than The Jaguars?

When English hunting season opens, game of all kinds appears on London menus

After reports of the fire were received late Sunday morning, firefighters, a police helicopter and paramedics rushed to the scene. Several people were pulled from the water, and the blaze was eventually extinguished. Police said all 28 passengers and two crew members on board the vessel were safe. No one was seriously injured, and three people treated at a London hospital for “minor smoke inhalation ailments” have all been discharged, London Duck Tours said. Most of the people on board the boat were foreign tourists, ITV reported. The company and the London Fire Brigade both said the cause of the blaze, which damaged one third of the vessel, was so far unknown. River tours suspended Borough Cmdr. Alison Newcomb of London’s Metropolitan Police said that the maritime coast guard is investigating. “At the conclusion of that investigation, I anticipate they will make a decision with regards to future tours,” she told ITV. London Duck Tours said it has stopped operating tours on the river until the reason for the fire has been established. “Should technical or safety modifications be required to our fleet, these will be introduced prior to the service recommencing,” Duck Tours said, stressing that it “operates to the highest safety standards.” “London Duck Tours operates a fully modernized fleet of nine vehicles that have been completely rebuilt and refurbished between 2002 and 2012,” it said.

Electronic devices on planes I joined the line of giddy game lovers salivating over venison burgers and pieces of steak sizzling to award-winning perfection on the grill. I ordered the steak sandwich: strips of fresh tenderloin, cooked medium rare, piled with grilled onions and topped with Gouda, nestled between two freshly baked brioche buns. Seconds later, my American mouth enjoyed the taste of the Scottish Highlands at a lunch market in London. From that first bite, it was game on for me. Details: London game On Aug. 12, known as the Glorious Twelfth, the British wild game season opens. Throughout the fall and winter, its fair play to hunt multiple birds and beasts, starting with grouse and continuing with snipe, plover, partridge, duck, goose, woodcock, pheasant and a variety of deer, to name a few. To take advantage of the fresh meat, some of Londons best chefs nature-ize their menus according to which animals are available, offering adventurous eaters a field-to-fork experience ranging from traditional roasted grouse with greens to venison burgers with game chips and funky grouse-nest pizza with pumpkin chutney. And so, over the next four days, I embarked on a gastro-safari across the city, nearly sprouting fur and feathers from all the wild animals I ate. Savoring the flavor Menus dont come much funkier than those of Michelin-starred St. John restaurant in Smithfield.

Loyalty is stronger than that in London. Those who love football here have already adopted their teams. They might adore those teams for strange reasons like Paul Leparte from Chichester who is a Bengals fan because he likes tigers or his father, Martin, who picked the Cowboys because old Texas Stadium appeared in the opening credits of “Dallas.” Once those bonds are tied they are tied for good. Few of them see how the Jaguars can change that. The chances are more likely they resemble Chris George, a Lions fan in a Tim Tebow jersey (“I love Tebow more than I would love a son,”) who thinks the greatest benefit the Jaguars would bring is to watch the opposing team’s stars. “I’m not going to come out and watch Luke Joeckel play football,” he said. Which is not the slogan the NFL was looking to hang on its London billboard. American football fans are going to hate this. View gallery . The Vikings invaded Regent Street last week in London. (AP) The NFL is determined to make London work. Anyone who doubts that should have been standing Saturday afternoon on the city’s biggest shopping avenue, Regent Street between the Oxford and Piccadilly Circuses. This is because the NFL had the road closed to traffic and filled 2,000 feet of pavement with every gimmick it knows to shove itself into Europe’s awareness. There were races on Jaguar-themed moonbounces, inflatable rooms in which one could catch balls shot from pitching machines just like the pros do, places to kick field goals, and a stage behind which fans could wait 90 minutes to get their picture taken with the Lombardi Trophy. There were trailers selling American burgers, a spot where old men dressed like Elvis square danced to techno pop, not to mention a television blaring the Jaguars’ 2012 highlights, and a booth for the City of Jacksonville as if to say: we’ll give you our team if you come visit our miles of beautiful beaches.