France Steadies Nascar During Credibility Crisis

Sometimes he listens. He doesn’t listen all the time. We debate issues sometimes. I’m proud to say sometimes I win. I’d like to win all the time,” said Bruton Smith, owner of Speedway Motorsports Inc. and the late Bill France Jr.’s biggest adversary. “But I don’t. We’ll continue to go down the road with him.” In this case, Waltrip said MWR co-owner Rob Kauffman had a dialogue with France, but it didn’t make a difference. “They were pretty well set on their decision, and we elected to accept the penalties and try to move forward,” Waltrip said. It’s impossible for France to not have similarities to his father, who had zero tolerance for anyone who messed with his show. “In our family, the way everything works, you grow up around the dinner table, so he was getting a pretty good education from Bill when he was very young,” said Jim France, Bill’s brother and the current executive vice president of NASCAR. But Brian’s vision often differed from his father’s in that France thought bigger and broader from an early age. His first big coup came before he was chairman in a move that helped NASCAR take the final step away from a regional niche sport.

Air France staff questioned after 1.4 tons of cocaine found on plane from Venezuela

The colorful bags weren’t registered to any of the passengers on the plane. When French officials opened them up, they discovered why — 1.3 tons of pure cocaine were stuffed inside the anonymous bags. The street value of the stash? About 200 million euros, or $270 million. Coast Guard makes $20 million cocaine bust Huge drug bust off the coast of Florida Drug busts at sea: 4 tons of cocaine The catch was made on September 11, but French authorities didn’t publicize the find until Saturday. On Sunday, Venezuela’s Public Ministry said that authorities had detained three members of the National Guard in connection with the incident. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what they are accused of doing. The suitcases came from Caracas aboard an Air France flight to Paris, but did not match any of the passengers on board, CNN affiliate BFMTV reported. “Several” people have been taken in custody, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told reporters Saturday. Authorities worked with Spanish, British and Dutch police on the investigation, BFMTV said. This case “illustrates the importance of strengthening International cooperation in the fight against traffickers,” Valls said.

$270 million worth of cocaine found on Air France flight

Cops seized another 881 pounds of cocaine from a truck bound for Luxembourg. There is reportedly a connection between the two cases, but few details were released this weekend. Police believe they have thwarted a massive drug smuggling ring , BBC reports. It was the biggest drug haul ever made in the Paris area, Manuel Valls, France’s Interior minister, told the network. Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow Christie Harris This Oklahoma woman was sentenced to 25 years after smuggling not only meth in her butt, but also a gun in her vagina. Read the whole story here. Alexis Clancy This Florida woman was allegedly caught with a hypodermic needle stowed away in her anus. Read the whole story here. Cocaine Diapers Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale were arrested at JFK Airport after arriving from the Dominican Republic in late January. Drug-sniffing dogs allegedly detected something. Authorities said Pena had seven kilos of cocaine in silver plastic, wrapped around her butt like a disposable diaper. Rasoul Speight Rasoul Speight, 32, is facing a narcotics charge after New Jersey cops yesterday discovered a whopping 100 bags of heroin hidden in his anus. Ashley Bellamy Bellamy allegedly hid 36 vials of crack cocaine in her vagina to stay out of police custody. But officers noticed that the Philadelphia woman was walking funny, and she admitted to her hiding place. “The woman says, ‘I have crack up in my vagina,’ and she pushed out 36 vials of crack cocaine that were in a bag,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.

1.3 Tons Of Cocaine Seized On Air France Flight

The White House issued its most recent annual rebuke Sept. 13, listing it with Burma and Bolivia as “failing demonstrably” to meet obligations under international treaties. Venezuelan officials call the allegations unfounded. They say they have stepped up arrests of traffickers and drug seizures. Keleris says Venezuela has captured more than 100 kingpins since 2006, extraditing most of them, including to the United States. U.S. and Colombian counterdrug officials acknowledge Venezuela has cooperated in several key cases. However, they say that has not purged drug corruption from the top ranks of Venezuela’s military, which long provided Chavez with a backbone of loyal support and continues to play a dominant role in the country. Among Venezuelan officials on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of designated drug kingpins are Gen. Hugo Carvajal, the military’s counterintelligence chief, and retired Gen.