Movies To Fill The Time During The Government Shutdown

Sandra Bullock is an astronaut on a damaged shuttle in "Gravity." Photo: Handout, McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Friday, Oct. 4 Director: Alfonso Cuaron Stars: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney Plot: A routine mission turns into a fight for survival for two astronauts who are stranded in space and have to find a way back to Earth. Scott Garfield, 20th Century Fox ‘Runner Runner’ Director: Brad Furman Stars: Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Gemma Arterton Plot: A grad student paying his way through Princeton by online gambling (Timberlake) starts to work for a gambling tycoon (Affleck) until he finds disturbing truths about his benefactor. Claire Folger, Exclusive Media Entertainment ‘Parkland’ Director: Peter Landesman Stars: Zac Efron, Billy Bob Thornton, Paul Giamatti Plot: The moments and days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 Dallas are told through the eyes of the smaller players, including the emergency room surgeon (Efron), the regional head of the Secret Service (Thornton) and a memorable witness, Abraham Zapruder (Paul Giamatti). Director: Stu Zicherman Stars: Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins, Jane Lynch Plot: A seemingly well-adjusted A.C.O.D. – adult child of divorce – (Scott) lapses into chaos after finding out his former “therapist” (Lynch) has written a book about him and while reuniting his bitterly divorced parents for his brother’s wedding. ‘Linsanity’ Director: Evan Jackson Leong Plot: The documentary, a hit at Sundance, follows the spectacular streak of the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin, who went from benchwarmer to international Linsanity sensation in February 2012. Filmmaker Leong already had been working on a Lin documentary when the madness hit. ‘The Summit’ Director: Nick Ryan Plot: This documentary explores the deadliest day on K2 (The Savage Mountain), on the border of China and Pakistan, when 22 climbers converged on High Camp in August 2008. Just 48 hours later, 11 had vanished or been killed.

Kennedy through an unusual prism – the ordinary people thrust into a horrible duty in Dallas. From producer Tom Hanks . Rated PG-13. Runner Runner Grad student Richie ( Justin Timberlake ) thirsts to make fast dough but loses his tuition money at online poker. The desperate dude hops a plane to face off with mastermind Ivan ( Ben Affleck ), who sweet-talks Richie with visions of his own operation. Now cue the FBI putting the squeeze on Richie. Rated R. We Are What We Are The Parkers see themselves as a private family sticking to their ancestral customs. But their whole world flips upside down when their matriarch drops dead in the street, forcing daughters Iris and Rose to step up to the plate. At the same time, a severe storm unleashes a downpour, unearthing who knows what. Rated R.

National Treasure (2004) A shutdown will close the National Archives, home of the Declaration of Independence. With the original document inaccessible, would-be viewers of Mr. Jeffersons ringing patriotic manifesto can turn instead to this Nicolas Cage caper flick, in which an invisible treasure map on the back of the Declaration serves as MacGuffin. Warning: Some scenes, including the theft of the Declaration from its institutional home,may be too intense for furloughed archivists. 7. Night at the Museum (2006) Most federal museum workers will be sent home. These empty museums are bad news if youre employed in one. Somewhat better news if youre on display in one, as we learned from this comedy adventure hit starring Ben Stiller as a night security guard at the Museum of Natural History. 8. Outbreak (1995) If you credit some of the more alarmist predictions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be severely limited in investigating disease outbreaks in a government shutdown. Heaven forbid an outbreak of Ebola-like virus dramatized in this Dustin Hoffman-Rene Russo movie.