Muse To Release Concert Film

During a performance Saturday night, Pete Seeger modified a line of This Land is Your Land, declaring New York was meant to be frack-free. This year the village was set up on the expansive lawns of the state park surrounding the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. The action there got going before the 10-hour concert. The village offered plenty of activities to help people get in touch with their inner farmer. Theres a daylong group potato-stamp art project; workshops on making butter, bacon, cheese, lemon vinegar and llama wool bracelets; and a demonstration of how to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs in your own backyard. Joshua Cummings of Hartford, N.Y., was biting into a snappy grilled bratwurst as he walked among the vendors tents. I want to know where my food came from and what went into it, he said, adding that farm-fresh food also tastes better. Will Pouch, owner of the Esperanto restaurant in Saratoga Springs, had to modify his menu for his Farm Aid booth to meet the organizations requirements for all organic and humane-raised food. They have very exacting standards that made me look at my menu and sources, Pouch said. He used organic chicken and farm-ground flour in his doughboys for the event, which increased his ingredient cost by two- or threefold, he said. I wont change all my restaurant menu items, though, because many of my customers cant afford the higher prices, Pouch said. But Ill be adding more locally sourced items to the specials board. The Farm Aid organization has raised more than $43 million since 1985 to support programs that help small family farms, expand the Good Food Movement and promote locally grown food. Farm Aid has made grants of more than $2.5 million in the Northeast during the past 28 years, according to the organization. Roger Allison, who started Patchwork Family Farms in Columbia, Mo., with a Farm Aid grant 20 years ago, said Farm Aid has been a lifesaver for the family farmers in his organization who raise hogs in a natural way, unconfined, without antibiotics.

(9) Bruno Mars; $1,035,321; $69.75. 9. (10) New Kids On The Block; $780,857; $64.56. 10. (New) Rush; $698,523; $73.48. 11. (11) Blake Shelton; $666,088; $33.83. 12. (13) Rascal Flatts; $581,433; $37.64. 13. (14) Brad Paisley; $539,304; $36.46. 14. (15) Widespread Panic; $376,122; $47.11. 15. (16) Bad Company / Lynyrd Skynyrd; $311,304; $31.44.

Taylor Swift’s Tour Rises To No. 1 On Pollstar’s Concert Rankings

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel Muse played their second-to-last American concert date of the year at iHeartRadio in Las Vegas last night, and after next month’s Austin City Limits , it might be a while before fans see them again Stateside. “Next year, we may do one festival or two, but were probably going to concentrate on getting into a new album,” Muses Matt Bellamy told Rolling Stone backstage at iHeartRadio. But fans will get a chance to experience a Muse concert in almost lifelike form, since the band will be releasing a concert film. “Over the summer, we played this massive gig in Rome Olympic Stadium, that was probably the best gig of the year,” Bellamy said. “Its gonna come out in 4K, which is the highest resolution concert ever shot. Its four times more powerful than HD, so its like ridiculous detail. When you see the concert being filmed, you can see all the crowd, you can see their faces being filmed.” See Where Muse Ranks on Our List of the 50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now The exact release plans are still up in the air, but Bellamy said he expects it to get a limited theatrical release in the U.S., including some Imax screens. It’s a rare occurence for a festival-headlining band big enough to have its own concert film to serve as an opening act, but Muse did so last night in Vegas when they performed before Queen.”Events like this didnt exist a few years ago and we are playing withtechnically opening forQueen tonight,” Bellamy said before the show. “At any point in our career, I wouldnt have thought wed actually get a chance to play with them.” The eclecticism of the iHeart lineup, which also included Elton John this year, proved an educational experience for Muse’s drummer, Dominic Howard.”Having some of those older greats on stage and seeing them play is wicked, because you can still learn so much from a lot of those kind of people that have been around for a while and got more experience than you,” he said. Bellamy also finds it inspiring. “Its odd because when you start out, you perceive those acts as being something really quite long before we even were born, but also well before we started,” he said. “And to somehow end up on a bill with them is quite strange because it makes you think, ‘How old are these people?’ I suppose it gives you hope for making music as an old person.”

Concert preview: Iron & Wine keep stretching definitions

Photograph by: Craig Kief When: Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Where: Winspear Centre Tickets: $27 to $38.50 through the Winspear box office, 780-428-1414 Peace of mind found among the abriars.a Itas the kind of contradiction that youad expect from Sam Beam and his ongoing alt-folk project Iron & Wine. And itas the kind of thing you can fall in easy love with on the latest release Ghost on Ghost, a light, lovely, lush recording that seems to reflect an artist in a remarkably contented space. aIt was a lot of fun to make, Iall tell you that much,a says Beam from his home in North Carolina. aIt was probably the most fun Iave had making a record in a long time. I enjoy recording but this was just fun because I got to sit back and watch people play.a Weall get the same joy when Beam brings his tour to town for a Sunday night show at the Winspear. It will, in keeping with Ghost on Ghost, be a full-band experience, one featuring a 12-piece that includes horn and string sections and backup singers. aThe core rhythm section is pretty small. Itas just me and bass, drums and keys and then the numbers start to blossom.a That is in keeping with the wonderful musical path down which Beam ambled with his fifth studio full-length, which was recorded in New York with longtime producer and collaborator Brian Deck. Admittedly, itas something of a departure for Iron & Wine, straying into more nocturnal and metropolitan jazzy and R & B terrain, while keeping the rural folk core intact. For his part, Beam calls it a kitchen-sink record or agenre potpourri,a an album that dictated its direction once he got in the studio and saw where the players a an all-star collection including members of Sex Mob, Jazz Passengers and Antony and the Johnsons a were capable of taking the material. aI like to find something new to suit each record.