Music Scene: Kellie Pickler Doing It All

You see first-hand what its really like. You take a little piece of home for them. Rising country music star Kellie Pickler may come across as sweet and sassy, or brassy and bold, depending on what the situation is. Pickler, who is about to release her fourth album, The Woman I Am, in November, acknowledges the many facets of her personality, including her determination to succeed at her chosen career. I get it honest. I grew up in the country, in the sticks, the former American Idol and Dancing with the Starschamp said. I didnt grow up glamorous. I had to grow up tough. Ive worked my ass off. Nothing was ever given to me. Pickler was raised by her grandmother in Abermarle, N.C., where she came to love the country sound of her heroes Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette. Its a sound that Pickler has made central to her 2012 100 Proof album (named the years No. 1 country album by Rolling Stone), and continues on The Woman I Am. America was first introduced to a 19-year-old Pickler in the fifth season of American Idol, when she placed sixth in the singing competition.

There’s no such thing like classical music being on the decline. In fact, i’d say classical music is moving forward, aesthetically and scientifically. Earlier, it was like a Himalaya today, it’s like a sea with rivers and tributaries. Given technology and media, do young people have the patience to learn over years? This whole thing about having to learn for years earlier was all because there was no choice technology wasn’t so advanced and there was nothing much to do. Today, a person comes with a phone and records for two hours on it. He gets one hour’s learning from that. In our times, there was no such technology. One had to practise for hours because when guruji would ask one to recite the previous day’s learning, one could recall only 10-15 minutes of that therefore, we’d become trained singers in 10-15 years. Today, someone with talent can become a good singer in three or four years. What do you enjoy besides music? I love to teach, play patience, do my riyaaz and watch news on TV anything related to politics! Given that, your thoughts on approaching elections?