Pro Athletes’ Ads Favor Less Healthful Food, Drinks

LeBron Powerade

EDT October 7, 2013 In 2010, food and drink endorsements by top athletes largely represented high-calorie, low-nutrient products, a study finds. And adolescents saw more athlete-endorsement food commercials than adults. Basketball star LeBron James appears on a bottle of Coca-Cola Co.’s Powerade sports drink. (Photo: Daniel Acker, Bloomberg) Popular athletes contribute to the marketing of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods Adolescents watch more athlete-endorsed food and beverage brand commercials than adults Athletes who promote unhealthy food and drinks send a mixed message to kids about diet and health SHARECONNECT TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE Peyton Manning, Serena Williams and LeBron James are among the nation’s most prominent and marketable athletes, but they also topped the list when it came to endorsing high-calorie, nutrient-poor food and beverages in 2010, a report shows. And kids ages 12 to 17 were the primary viewers of athlete-endorsement food commercials. They watched an average of 35 TV ads in 2010; vs. 33 for adults. Kids 11 and under averaged 21, according to the report in November’s Pediatrics, published online today. “Professional athletes in general are endorsing a lot of unhealthy foods, which is concerning for a country that’s struggling with obesity,” says lead author Marie Bragg, a health policy researcher at Yale University. These athletes “could do a lot of good to promote public health, but unfortunately they are promoting foods that are really unhealthy,” she says. Researchers tracked endorsements by the top 100 athletes as identified by Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2010 Power 100 rankings.

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They fly this guy in from Vegas, then he outsources a food truck, and then they feed em in the parking lot. One of the things was a hamburger but it had like coleslaw in it it wasnt coleslaw, but it had all these different tastes and then a fried egg, and a hamburger. I dont know how it sounds, but it was delicious! I havent heard you this fired up in months, the host marveled. And then they had a chicken one, Madden went on. But I thought that was really cool. You see a lot of visiting teams come out, and theyll have a boxed lunch or something.Thats interesting. Of all the things Ive seen in the NFL, Ive never seen that one, where a team brings in a food truck. As for the Redskins themselves, it was another big success. Fukunaga told me that Chris Neild downed five burgers before I could blink, DeAngelo Hall lingered by the truck to eat, and it was so busy that Colin was unable to take any photos of Robert Griffin III picking up a couple Fukuburgers. As for Madden, an Oakland Police Department officer came by and asked if he could place an order for the legendary analyst. I cant tell you what an honor it was to step foot on the most storied of all sports touring buses, Fukunaga wrote. It was like being in a dream.

John Madden visits Redskins food truck

(Courtesy Colin Fukunaga)

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