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T) is on hand for situations requiring fortitude and muscle. And Flints widowed father, Tim (James Caan), hopes to forge a closer relationship with his son through a fishing trip that never seems to get past the planning stage. Theres a dose of high-tech corporate satire, with Apple-like LIVE Corp. the coolest company ever recruiting Flint to join the ranks of its master scientists (but actually to seize his haywire invention). Lives founder, slippery tech guru Chester V (Will Forte in evil Steve Jobs mode) is shadowed by a platoon of lookalike holograms, the ultimate yes men. The companys absurd efforts to keep its employees productively over-caffeinated, and Chesters New Age platitudes, wont make much sense to the films grade-school target audience. On the other hand, most grownups will get more pleasure from their kids reaction to the corny Shrimpanzees and Cheespiders than from the facile jokes (Theres a leek in my boat!). Where the film excels is its look. Directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn give the characters a flailing Play-Doh flexibility and a cartoonish visual design thats quite pleasing. Hurricane-haired, wide-eyed Flint is a likable dweeb just standing there, while Chester, with his sharp triangular goatee and rubbery arms, is a disturbing sight even as he pours on his oily smarm. The architecture of LIVEs headquarters resembles a sleek, sterile honeycomb. The anthropomorphic food creatures are sweet, and the film even wrings good laughs from its use of color.

Rush, starring Chris Hemsworth, reveals something about the male ego through its main characters, and Blue Caprice depicts the tragic true story behind the D.C. sniper shootings, though the film doesn’t dig deep enough, according to Hornaday. Divorced parents Albert (James Gandolfini) and Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) explore middle-age romance in Enough Said. (Photo by Lacey Terrell/Fox Searchlight via Associated Press) Enough Said (PG-13) Like the best romantic comedies of Hollywoods Golden Age, Holofceners film zings and pops with hilarious dialogue (‘What the hell is chervil?’ Eva snorts after Marianne lovingly gives her fresh herbs from her perfectly un-manicured garden), but also gets to the heart of human nature: in this case, the lengths people go to in order to fill their empty spaces, and how lovable foibles become intolerable flaws. Ann Hornaday Rush (R) As much escapist fun as ‘Rush’ is as an adrenaline-juiced car-race movie, its most interesting as a rare depiction of male vanity, how physical attractiveness informs self-worth and potency, and the role beauty so often the sole purview of women on screen plays in mens relationships and personal insecurities. Ann Hornaday Inequality for All (PG) this film avoids the familiar impartial-arbiter mode of documentary filmmaking and adopts a single perspective as its own. (Viewers will not, in other words, hear from any Gordon Gekko types arguing that wealth belongs to those who can take it.) Both films pair bits of biographical color with footage of well-polished lectures, bringing in just enough outside material to make them feel like real movies. John DeFore Blue Caprice (R) As admirable as Moorss oblique style is, though, Blue Caprice doesnt offer the sense of catharsis or closure, let alone new information, that makes it more than a cold, if disciplined, directorial exercise. Muhammad, who was executed in 2009 , and Malvo, who is serving a series of consecutive life sentences , remain enigmatic, remorseless figures, their depravity never deeply examined past their emotional problems and psychological ills. Ann Hornaday Don Jon (R) The only real down side of Don Jon is the extreme vulgarity, especially early on. Its easy to imagine that some of Jons audacious admissions could alienate certain audience members, and it would be a shame if the outrageousness overshadowed the movies thoughtful revelations and surprisingly sweet heart. Stephanie Merry Baggage Claim (PG-13) Theres so much wrong with Baggage Claim from its outdated story line and similarities to the dreadful Whats Your Number to Talberts clumsy, flat-screen directing that its all the more surprising when things go right. But it would be unfair to deny that it doesnt provide its own modest, sometimes outright hilarious, pleasures. Ann Hornaday Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (PG) But instead of upping the ante, as so many sequels do, Cloudy 2 merely gets the band back together including perky weather girl Sam Sparks (Anna Faris), immature bully Brent (Andy Samberg) and Flints level-headed father (James Caan) for a repetitive mission that calls to mind multiple beats from the first movie. Sean OConnell Metallica Through the Never (R) Thanks to wireless instruments, guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo are highly mobile, and even drummer Lars Ulrich moves around a lot. They interact with other performers in scenarios that appeal to some metalheads taste for carnage and destruction. The last staged catastrophe seems rather tasteless, but it turns out to be a clever setup for the back-to-basics finale. Mark Jenkins Haute Cuisine (PG-13) Frot manages the tough trick of playing someone whos both standoffish and likable. Hortense isnt easily amused or benevolently quirky, the way so many female characters can be. Shes serious, but her passion for recipes and fresh produce proves appealing. “Haute Cuisine” also strays from the typical formula because its devoid of a romantic subplot. Stephanie Merry The Trials of Muhammad Ali (Unrated) Bill Siegels The Trials of Muhammad Ali reminds us, though, that the boxer fought significant battles outside of the ring, as well. And in doing so, Trials educates casual boxing fans about the unexpected political, religious and social strife Ali encountered and largely brought upon himself during a tumultuous time in our nations racially divided past. Sean OConnell You Will Be My Son (R) It would be easy to make a movie pitting Paul, the deadbeat dad, against Martin, the long-suffering descendant who deserves his multimillion-dollar inheritance. But director Gilles Legrand, who co-wrote the script, opts for a more difficult and satisfying approach.

‘Enough Said,’ ‘Rush’ and other new movies, reviewed

Always. The fact is, we are long-time Apple customers, going back to that first Apple II. We are happy, loyal Apple customers. We enjoy exploring and using modern Apple products. We each have an iPad and we each have an iPhone. And a Mac. We’ve been using iTunes for a long time, and we’ve invested in a range of integrated Apple technologies. Over the years, we have come to appreciate how Apple treats us. We have seen how Apple has built up an infrastructure that works well across all our iOS devices and Macs. We enjoy being able to go to the Apple store in the Mall, buy accessories and get techniucal help in person. Technologies like AirPlay and continuous development of Wi-Fi in our products have made life simpler. And when a new software update comes out, we have the option to install or not install. That’s not true with cable/satellite set-top boxes.

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While this feature is only on iOS at the moment, it will be released later for Android and other platforms. I’ll show you how to access and use Snap Movie, which will let you share your creations with all your friends. Starting a Snap Movie Snap Movies can be created in the chat menu. Tap the plus icon at the bottom, which will bring up a list of attachment options, and select “Snap Movie”. Snap Movies can be up to ten seconds long. Tapping the screen will record a single second, or you can long press to record all ten seconds. If you don’t like what’s been recorded, you can cancel the video by tapping the “X” at the top right. By default, Snap Movie uses the device’s back camera, but you can hit the camera flip icon on the upper left to switch to the front camera. If your video is less than 10 seconds, hit the “Next” button to move to the next step. Full length clips will automatically complete and move on. Music and Preview You’ll be taken to the BGM menu where you can choose to use the original audio, or add a background track. You will first need to download the song by tapping the corresponding button on the right. This should be fairly quick, though it does depend on the speed of your data connection. Take a listen to the audio and once you’ve found a track you like, hit “Next”.