Certification Facts

FPS often receivesquestions from fluid power professionals about certification and how to become certified. Here are 10 things everyone should know about IFPS certification.

1.IFPS has certified thousands of professionals since 1960.

2.Certification tests provide an objective, third-party assessment of an individual’s skill level.

3.All IFPS certification tests are psychometrically evaluated and meet defensible standards.

4.IFPS certifications are the industry standard for assessing the knowledge and skill level of professionals in fluid power and motion control.

5.IFPS certifications are highly recognized industry wide.

6.The IFPS certification designations that appear after your name are portable and remain with you wherever your career takes you.

7.IFPS certifications are approved through the NAM-endorsed skills certification system as a stackable credential that can be earned in postsecondary education. For more information, visit

8.IFPS is approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to reimburse certification test fees. The VA may reimburse eligible veterans for taking IFPS certification tests.

9.IFPS certifications are valid for five years, then you must recertify. While certified, you must accrue professional development points and work in the fluid power industry for at least three years.

10.IFPS certification empowers fluid power distributors, manufacturers, and end users to set standards for assessing the skill level of current or potential employees.

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