Endress+Hauser Introduces Products for Fluid Control

Endress+Hauser recently introduced two new products for fluid applications: a temperature transmitter and a flowmeter.

Prosonic Flow W 400

Endress+Hauser’s Prosonic Flow W 400 brings the modern technology of its Proline device series to clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters.

The W 400 clamp-on and I 400 insertion units provide comprehensive process monitoring with long-term cost efficiency and extensive diagnostics. These sensors pair with Endress+Hauser’s Proline 400 transmitter to provide a complete flow metering solution.

The flowmeter uses a nonintrusive, clamp-on measurement method, with its ultrasonic sensors mounted directly on a pipe’s exterior. This provides safe measurement of many fluids, independent of their conductivity or other properties. This includes corrosive, abrasive, and toxic fluids, making this flowmeter ideal for monitoring countless processes.

Because neither piping nor process flow are interrupted, clamp-on flowmeters can be easily used for retrofitting at any time. They are suitable for low- or high-pressure applications, on pipes smaller than an inch in diameter, and up to 160 inches, such as those encountered in water distribution.

The flowmeter’s IP68 Type 6P submergence-rated ultrasonic sensors are suitable for harsh processes and ambient conditions and can withstand temperatures between –40°F and 266°F (-40°C and 130°C).
Piping systems in the process industry often have multiple fittings and elbows that disturb the flow profile and, along with it, the accuracy of ultrasonic flow measurement. The Prosonic Flow W 400 solution is optionally available with Endress+Hauser’s FlowDC function, which detects and corrects for the effects of flow disturbance. This ensures measurement accuracy even in the presence of a short pipe inlet run, for example when significantly reduced from the standard 15 pipe diameters down to two. The FlowDC function increases flexibility for equipping new or retrofitted systems with clamp-on flowmeters.
Prosons Flow W 400可以安装在多种管道类型和带有或不衬里的材料上。一种称为耦合垫的无维护接触介质在传感器表面和管道之间提供最佳的声音传输,并且所得的高信号强度可确保稳定的测量结果和长期可靠性。这些夹具流动传感器可提供多个超声波频率,范围为0.3至5 MHz,针对应用管道尺寸,管道材料和流体进行了优化。

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The newly developed iTEMP TMT31 temperature transmitter for analog 4-20mA signals is characterized by its long-term stability, high accuracy, and ease of use, making it an important pillar for reliable temperature measurement.

Temperature transmitters are an important link between temperature sensors in the field and higher levels of automation and analysis in the process industries.

The iTEMP TMT31 improves upon its RTD transmitter predecessors with better connection technology, available in two optimized formats. The first incorporates push-in terminals, enabling tool-free, secure field wiring in a matter of seconds. It is also available in the classic screw terminal format, with an optimized design that makes wire terminations in the connection head easier. Corrosion-free contacts ensure maximum reliability of measured value transmission for both connection variants.

对于快速调试,用户可以选择从工厂方便地进行预先合并的TMT31发射器,或使用免费配置软件(例如Endress+Hauser FieldCare或DeviceCare)在现场应用自定义参数化。这些软件包在笔记本电脑和平板电脑的许多操作系统上都方便地运行。Endress+Hauser作为配件也可以提供此此类USB配置套件,例如TXU10或Comubox FXA291。

The TMT31 is approved for safe operation in Zone 2/Div. 2 hazardous areas (nonsparking) in accordance with ATEX and CSA C/US standards, along with Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors. Additionally, the sensor adjustment parameter in the head transmitter can be modified according to Callendar-Van Dusen equations to match the connected RTD sensor characteristics, further refining the temperature measurement accuracy of the entire system.

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