Executive Profile

Profile: Scott Sardina, CFPHS

How did you get started in the fluid power industry? As like many others, I accidentally stumbled upon the fluid power industry. I started as an intern at Oilgear in Milwaukee, Wis., after my freshman year of college. My career started in the hydraulic systems division, which introduced me to many different applications. I enjoy […]

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Profile: David Schneider

Why did you decide to enter the hydraulics field? Northern Wisconsin had very few job opportunities in the early 1980s, and John Deere offered me a job upon getting an associates degree in Automotive Service. I enjoyed testing equipment after I worked on it and seeing what it could do. I have worked on engines, […]

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Profile: Dr. Brian Steward

Why did you decide to take the IFPS Hydraulic Specialist Certification test? I knew about the IFPS certification program for several years and wanted to become certified. One main reason that I wanted to be certified was that my example, as the instructor of the fluid power courses at Iowa State, would be an encouragement […]

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Karen Boehme – National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)

How did your career with the NFPA start? I started at NFPA in July 1984 and worked for about a year and a half writing for and editing the NFPA Reporter and other NFPA publications. Part of my job was translating French ISO documents into English for NFPA’s technical department; this was my first experience […]

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