Roth Hydraulics Accumulators Essential to Bühler Die-Casting Machines


The Carat 920 die-casting machine from Bühler.

An important part of the new machines are the hydraulic accumulator systems from Roth Hydraulics, of Biedenkopf, Germany. They enable high component quality and ensure reliable and energy-efficient casting forces for the machine.

汽车制造商正在打破生产的新基础。为了为车辆生产大型和复杂的铝制组件,需要具有高夹紧力的新生产工艺,例如为车辆生产前或后方的不足。来自Bühler的新克拉840和克拉920铸造机使这种生产解决方案成为可能。这里的中心部分是一个非常强大且精确的注射单元,并具有均匀的夹紧力。为了可靠地满足这一要求,Bühler决定使用Roth Hydraulics的压力积累系统。它是铸造单元的驱动力,它果断地生成了组件质量并确保永久可靠的性能。


BühlerIeDie Casting的产品经理Michael Cinelli说:“克拉920可以将超过200公斤的液体铝注入毫秒内的模具。”“这样做,它将霉菌与92,000公里的力保持在一起。那好像整个埃菲尔铁塔的重量约为9,000吨,都在压在模具上。”



The Carat 920 die-casting machine from Bühler.

The largest die-casting machines in the Carat series are as big as a house. They are eight meters (26 feet) high and stand on a floor space of around 100 square meters (1,076 square feet). In addition, the Carat’s two-platen technology features a patented and stiffness-optimized platen design for uniform clamping force application, ensuring minimal platen deflection and high dimensional accuracy of castings. In combination with Bühler’s unique real-time controlled casting unit and DataView control, the Carat offers the highest casting dynamics and quality.

The enormous power density of hydro storage systems as well as the precise release of energy in the right quantity and at the required time in die-casting production saves electrical energy and significantly reduces the required connection power. In addition, the use of recycled aluminium or aluminium obtained through renewable energies enables the potential of CO2-neutral production. As a component of the entire production chain, this improves the ecological footprint of the end product, in this case, the vehicle.

Bühler’s vision for the future of the die casting industry is 0% scrap, 40% less cycle time, and 24/7 availability. The larger the castings, the greater the leverage for reducing production costs by reducing cycle time and scrap and increasing availability. Bühler is a pioneer with machines for the production of large die-cast parts and the world market leader in this segment. The Roth family company is also a world market leader in the segments of energy storage systems, composite technologies, and surface heating and cooling systems.

罗斯液压学董事总经理弗兰克·福奇斯(Frank Fuchs)说:“家庭经营的公司追求类似的价值观,并专注于个人客户关系。”“我们为我们与Bühler合作多年而感到高兴和自豪。在新的克拉范围内,我们的液压蓄能器的使用为我们成功的合作伙伴关系。”

罗斯液压提供节能液压accumulator solutions for technologies in which hydraulic energy needs to be stored or converted. The fluid technology components are not only used in die-casting machines but also in energy and power plant technology, mobile hydraulics, and oil and gas technology. Roth Hydraulics is a traditional company in the industry with a history of almost 80 years and known under the previous company name Bolenz & Schäfer. As a full-range supplier, Roth Hydraulics provides a complete technology range with piston, bladder, and diaphragm accumulators as well as accumulator systems for a wide variety of applications. Know-how and experience in the development and production of piston accumulators make the company a true specialist. Roth storage systems are designed according to a modular principle. Depending on the requirements, the manufacturer implements customized and economical solutions, as in this case for the family-owned company Bühler.

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